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How To Control The Cost Of Shipping When Buying Used Cars From The US in Nigeria

I’ve come across a lot of customers complaining about high cost of shipping. Prices are key when they want to purchase used cars through Auto Auction Mall. As we only assist with shipping there’s little we can do about the costs. But with feedback, there are a few precautions intending buyers can apply. Here’s how you can chip off a hundred or more dollars on shipping.

1. Get Estimates of the Cost of Shipping

Before you purchase, we can liaise with our shipping partners to get you estimates of domestic shipping (trucking) from the auction car lot to the port of origin within the US. As well as the ocean freight costs (RORO or containerized). I’ve had instances where customers, after knowing the cost of shipping, have changed their minds and either changed the location of search or downgrade to a less expensive car altogether.

The key thing to focus on here is your overall budget. Given, you can’t buy a used car from the US on a strict budget, but you can still keep well within the limits of your pockets. You can also focus on the cities that are closest to ports that you can ship cars out of in the US. This will reduce the local shipping/trucking costs and prevent you from spending over $500 plus on local shipping alone.

2. Go for Run and Drive Cars

Yes, salvaged cars may be cheaper and save you some money. Yes, if you’re a dealer you will be able to maximize profits. But a salvaged car is not RORO-able and will have to be shipped in a 40-foot container to Tin Can. Now here’s the deal, containerized shipping costs more than RORO as high as $1500 compared to the RORO average of $1000. Plus the stress of clearing a container where you only own 1 of the 3 – 4 cars inside is something you’ll be better off without.

The stress and cost doubles if you are not the named consignee on the Bill of Lading. Rest assured, you will be at the mercy of the agent of the consignee who can quote any amount for you to pay and you can’t do anything about it. If one of the owners of the cars in your container is not ready financially to clear, be prepared for some demurrage. I only recommend containerized if you are shipping 2 or more cars at the same time. Otherwise, forget 

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